@OrlandoAntifa Art Project

“All art is always already vandalism.”
– Timothy Morton


They call Orlando the City Beautiful. But, recently, our city and the entire Central Florida region—like so many other areas in the United States of AmeriKKKa—have seen a rise in violence and xenophobia. From the murder of Trayvon Martin in Sanford to the Indigenous Peoples of Florida having their lands polluted by the Sabal Trail, to the massacre at Pulse Nightclub, the rise of fascism has never been more pronounced. Make no mistake, we’ve inherited (and propagated through our apathy) a deeply flawed system predicated on the oppression of women, the subjugation of people of color, the continued marginalization and isolation of the poor, and the dehumanization of our LGBTQ+ compatriots. We have allowed an ugly world to flourish, where blatant Islamophobia prompts fools to harass women for wearing a hijab or Antisemitic slurs are tossed at Jewish families for attending a synagogue. We, Orlando Antifa and those that stand with us, do not turn our heads from this grave reality. Those who would do harm to the people of Orlando have been empowered by Mein Drumpf, a fascist demagogue whose vitriolic rhetoric has contributed to the growing popularity of the puerile alt-reich.


Recently, a group of cowardly man-boys calling themselves the American Vanguard have been flaunting their bigotry. By plastering Nazi propaganda in our city, they are attempting to intimidate and terrorize parts of the Central Florida Population. One of their most recent acts of aggression took place at the University of Central Florida. American Vanguard specifically targeted spaces where they knew minorities congregate. The theater department, the visual arts building, and the music department were several structures marred by the racism and xenophobia of the AV Club.


Let us be perfectly clear: American Vanguard is not welcome at the University of Central Florida or anywhere in Orlando. We will tear down your signs. We will disrupt your tepid attempts to frighten and disturb the good people of Orlando. This world does not want you, nor does it have room for your myopic views. You are not unique and special snowflakes. You are the same, decaying, organic matter as everything else; as is your outdated and defeated ideology. Flee, like the trolls you are, back to the dark dregs of the world from whence you came—while you still have legs left to stand on.


Though UCF remains a bastion of liberal bureaucracy and is deeply imperfect, the school does provide invaluable services to the young people of Central Florida. UCF is a haven for students who are learning to question the world. There continue to be educators at UCF deeply committed to equipping students with the tools to think critically about their place on this planet. As such, UCF is a vital space that deserves the protection of antifascists, anti-racists, and anti-authoritarians of all-stripes.

Photo Dec 06, 12 26 53 PM.jpg

We did not put up posters to terrorize or to intimidate the people that work at, live in, and attend UCF. On the contrary, we put up posters to empower one another and offer hope for us all. Mikhail Bakunin wrote that we are only free when all human beings—both men and women—are truly free. Apathy is deadly. We call on all those who purport to be proponents of freedom to band together and take a stand against these denizens of a dark era that we are desperately trying to leave in our past. We call on similarly incensed individuals, both in and around Orlando, to band together to show American Vanguard and other Nazi scum that we have no tolerance for intolerance.

Respect existence or expect resistance.

The college, the city, and the State will continue to tear down our Orlando Antifa posters. Our art, by its very nature, is ephemeral. But our ideas will remain. Our message will endure so long as there are those of us who trust in the efficacy of equality, the legitimacy of liberty, and the strength of solidarity.

We are your queer coworkers, your Muslim neighbors, your Jewish classmates. So long as hatred plagues this good earth, we will remain to exorcise the specter of jingoistic white supremacy that haunts this community and nation. Attached to this post, you will find copies of some of the posters we put up around UCF. Download them and stick them up in your neighborhoods. Let the world know that we are a strong community in the face of ALL types of adversity.

Join us. Become Orlando Antifa. Together, we can defeat fascism.

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Call to Action: Solidarity with Standing Rock Against the DAPL & Sabal Trail!

Mni Wiconi. Water is Life.

Photo Nov 15, 7 05 24 PM.jpg

An Orlando antifa’s #NoDAPL protest sign

The Indigenous Peoples of North America have a prophecy they tell one another. Legends speak of a black snake poised to devour the world. And, if the black snake makes it across the river, we are all doomed…


In recent months, the Water Protectors in Standing Rock, North Dakota have gone from a small but determined encampment to an international coalition. Standing in defiance of the Dakota Access Pipeline, their populist struggle has gained traction (and for good reason!) The rights of indigenous people in the United States continue to be discarded as a colonial and imperialist legacy of genocidal xenophobia unfolds before our very eyes. Hundreds have been arrested. Dozens have been grievously wounded in defense of the water, including Sophia Wilansky, who may still lose her arm after being hit by a concussion grenade by the Morton County Sheriff’s Office.

Unfortunately, systemic racism and hatred against Native Americans is nothing new. Quite the contrary, this degree of bigotry and selfishness is the natural expression of white supremacy and the globalization of neoliberal capitalism. Of course, this isn’t just about racism and profit margins. We are, without exaggeration, fighting for our very lives. Global climate change has become irreversible. The effects will continue to be exacerbated, so long as we bury our heads in the sand, refusing to take responsibility for our actions.

Any hope that the “democratic” Head of State would strike down the black snake suffocating the good people of North Dakota has continued to be met with resounding disappointment. Now, as a fascist with direct ties to the very oil companies trying to profit off this catastrophe ascends to political office, we can rest assured that if salvation for the people of North Dakota–and indeed, the world–is to be found, it will not come from the State. We will find our strength in the streets.

When Mother Earth is under attack, what do we do?

Stand up! Fight back!

We stand in solidarity with the Water Protectors who’ve literally put their very lives on the line in order to protect and defend sacred burial grounds once thought secured by the treaties of the State. Orlando Antifascists have been in the streets continuously in recent weeks, coordinating with local organizers, environmentalists, and activists of all stripes to build a resistance here in the City Beautiful. But we do not merely purport to support and raise awareness about an ongoing campaign. We also hope to help champion a new one, which hits even closer to home:

The Sabal Trail Pipeline.


Sabal Trail fliers handed out by local Orlando activists and organizers.

Photo Dec 04, 8 51 18 AM.jpg

Construction has already begun on the Sabal Trail, a methane gas pipeline endangering our homes, our health, and our planet. When it’s finished, the pipeline will cover over 500 miles, spanning three different states.The people of Florida, Georgia, and Alabama are terrified that a rupture or leak might lead to an explosion. Florida’s wetlands and wildlife domains are being threatened by an altogether unnecessary pipeline designed to increase the profits of local energy corporations and their nefarious bankster collaborators.

The people of Florida will continue to get in the way. A recent video shows local organizers in the streets or Orlando, protesting in solidarity with Standing Rock and against the DAPL and Sabal Trail pipelines, being threatened by a buffoon in a monstrously oversized pick-up truck. The police have pushed and shoved protesters engaging in non-violent acts of civil disobedience.

This sort of intimidation will not work.

The people of Orlando are mobilizing tomorrow, December 5th, at Orlando City Hall at 12:00pm in order to continue our show of solidarity with Standing Rock in defiance of the Dakota Access Pipeline and the Sabal Trail Pipeline. We call on all anti-fascists, anti-racists, and anti-authoritarians to join us in this struggle. We are stronger together.

You can download the Sabal Trail Pipeline .PDF here. Follow us on Twitter at @OrlandoAntifa. You can get in touch with us at orlandoantifa@protonmail.com.

Mni Wiconi. Water is Life.

Greetings, Orlando

Orlando, this group should not have to exist. Orlando should have no need for an antifa group.

And yet here we are.

With the rise in white supremacist rhetoric and propaganda appearing in and around the Orlando area (we’re looking at you UCF) we find ourselves needing to take action. Structural racism has never gone away and we will not stand for it, but the blatant and open actions of the group calling themselves American Vanguard, as well as the implicit racism in the Trump regime call for a new approach. Merely condemning these actions in a facebook post or an email is not enough. These types of actions do not deter the behavior. They are, at best, a scream into a vacuum. Any thinking, well adjusted human of course denounces racism. But when you are faced with the ugly head of hate and oppression, telling it to “go away” is an exercise in futility. This is when we enter the fray. We will look that rearing head of hate in the eyes and beat it to the ground where it can lay in a bloody heap.

We will confront all types of oppression in every form it takes. But this is where you, the good people of Orlando, need to help us. We cannot be everywhere and we don’t know where all the nazi fascist scum are hiding. We need you to alert us to their presence. Tell us where you see posters, flyers, symbols, or acts that promote hate and oppression. Contact us at orlandoantifa@protonmail.com or tweet at us @OrlandoAntifa. We will respond; both to your communication and in counter-action. Seriously, “if you see something, say something.”

We are a diverse group. We come from a various backgrounds and have varying political beliefs. But we are united in our opposition to fascism and racism. As this site will show, we are a de-centered, cooperative group with multiple writers. Look for us to post pieces that speak to our action and tell of our views on local and national events.

We really do not like that we have to exist. But as long as there is hate, there will be AntiFa. We have chosen our side. Now you need to choose yours.

So we will be seeing you, Orlando. Hopefully it is under amicable circumstances.


Orlando Antifa

orlandoantifa@protonmail.com or @OrlandoAntifa